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As one of the people in the ever-enlightening group of people who have come to appreciate bodywork and its many benefits, we welcome you to experience massage that can profoundly affect your way of living: relief from pain, increased performance and efficiency and a greater awareness of your body's functions, needs and limits.

For years people have understood the benefit of massage for relaxation and general wellness, but for many massage is a portal to increased wellness and freedom from difficult and trying pathologies.  While many therapies can perhaps be considered in this light, doctors, surgeons, physical therapists and medical specialists are becoming increasingly aware of the long term benefits that can come from pointed, goal-oriented massage work and now direct their clientele toward massage therapists for treatment and relief.

At Full Compass Massage our goal is make the best assessment of your physical condition-- taking into account your posture, daily activities, habits and any injuries-- and to develop a program of massage that will help you to gain range of motion, reduce and manage pain from long-term injuries and to educate and equip you to be empowered for your future health and wellness.

With our partnerships in wellness within the community and custom-designed bodywork, Full Compass Massage delivers unparalleled therapeutic massage in  Decatur, GA.

Call today for further information, to schedule a consultation, massage or to discuss your wellness options: 678.435.9463.


We thank you for your commitment to wellness and for your consideration.

Alex Stadler, LMT
Owner & Operator




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