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Fees & Rates

Please, consider arriving 5-15 minutes early for your appointment for your evaluation.  Before every massage session there will be an assessment of your body's posture, general range of motion and a discussion of previous injuries and concerns.  Additionally, the massage therapist may give you stretches or exercises based on the findings to improve your posture, muscle balancing and daily function.

Assessments and care plans are at no additional cost and will happen outside of the allotted session time.

For a massage with Alex the cost is $100 per 60 minutes, and costs will be calculated based on 15 minute increments.  There are discounts for veterans, education and for musicians as part of Alex's community outreach.  We are proud to serve all our veterans both local and abroad, as well as, teachers, students, and compatriots of the musical arts.  Please, ask about these special rates!

Welcome Rebecca!  Rebecca Holohan is a happy new addition to our team, and she is accepting appointments now.
For a massage with Rebecca the cost is $85 per 60 minutes, and costs will be calculated based on 15 minute increments.  Rebecca offers discounts for veterans, education and for social justice workers as part of her community outreach.  Please, ask about these special rates!

Session lengths average approximately 1.5 hours, though sessions as little as one hour are available.  There is no standard massage, and every individual's need will vary, so please consider leaving space around your intended time in case you might require additional time.  If no time is discussed, then a 2 hour session will be booked, and only as much time is required for the work or that your body will allow will be utilized. 

Please, if there are time concerns post your appointment time, then make certain to alert your therapist at the beginning of the session!  Your time is valuable, and we respect your needs, but we can not guarantee a well-balanced session if we are unaware of your time constraints.  In addition, arriving early for your assessment will ensure that the session runs according to schedule.

Thank you for your support and for allowing us to help you reach your wellness goals!

*There is no additional charge for Deep Tissue Work


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