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It was great having Alex come to my home and work with me - especially considering my current health and mobility issues. My range of motion, was noticeably better after the massage. I will definitely be booking another appointment soon.
I'll be booking again
- Jessica H.

Alex is an incredibly talented therapist. Unlike some providers, Alex takes the time to listen to his clients and to evaluate the underlying causes for pain and disfunction in the body before beginning treatment. Alex has an intense approach that really provides quick results and relief, and his main goal is to meet the needs of his clients. Alex is focused on the success of the session, rather than the clock, and will take as much time as is needed to appropriately address the issues of his clients.
- Katie R.

I highly recommend Alex as a massage therapist. He is without a doubt one of the most compassionate and professional massage therapists that I know. His methods are both skillful and caring. Anyone should consider themselves fortunate to have him as their therapist.
- Missy Daniel, LMT

Alexander is a natural at his profession. His demeanor is soothing and it's easy to tell that he loves his work. He provides massage to heal, not just relax, but certainly works at the client's comfort level. He also brings the added value of explaining the principles of massage and the benefits of caring for the body. During the course of one of his massages, you will likely feel your range of motion and flexibility improve significantly and your body let go in a much needed way!
- Amy M.

Alex Stadler is an angel among us. That might sound a little exaggerated, but I haven't met many people like him. I have been seeing Alex on a regular basis for about 4 years. In that time, he has truly changed my life for the better. I suffered a volleyball injury to my upper back several years ago. The very next day, I was introduced to Alex. He gave me a 15 minute chair massage, trying to lessen the pain. Even after 15 minutes I already felt some relief. After that, I began seeing him on a regular basis for the injury. Alex was able to work out a lot tension correlated with that injury and helped alleviate and manage the pain. In addition, he helped with my TMJ problems in a profound way. I could list out countless other aches and pains I have had over the years that he has helped me with, but what stands out about Alex is his knowledge of massage therapy and his ability to tune into your body. He finds areas of tension that I didn't even know existed. His commitment to helping his clients is admirable. He's flexible, professional, and incredibly thorough. No stone goes unturned with my health. What's also great about Alex is that he leaves me with stretches to do that will help maintain the relief I experience after a massage. He works with you to accomplish whatever health goals you have for yourself. He is honest in his recommendation of when to see you next based on what he sees with your current condition. I can't recommend Alex enough. I don't even want to think about the condition of my body without the support I have had from him over the years.
-Katelyn B.



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