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Why Massage?

Massage is one of the oldest known forms of health care, writings dating back between 300-400 B.C., and many of its benefits are widely known- retaining the suppleness of skin through the application of oils and lotions, restoring bloodflow to limbs when they have been immobile or exposed to extreme temperatures or helping to relieve a cramp in a muscle; and it is worth contemplating why one of our first responses to an injury, say stubbing a toe, is to rub it.

Touch is vital. It is not an optional experience, and human beings necessitate touch. Of the most extreme examples of this were the cases of children dying in foster care after the first world war. At the time there was a thought process prevalent that children should not be overly coddled and touched. Subsequently, 99% of the children in care perished due to lack of touch, they wasted away due to a condition referred to as marasmus. Children who were moved to loving, nurturing familes where they were held improved and lived. It is simply stated. We require touch.

There are many different opinions of what massage encompasses. For many massage is an optional service used for relaxation. For some who have disorders that require regular care massage is more vital. The best question to ask is why massage is right for you.

The world of healthcare and wellness is changing. People are being confronted with insurance costs, they are constantly barraged with drug companies marketing medicines without enough explanation of how those drugs work nor the side effects thereof. Doctors and other wellness providers are under tremendous amounts of pressure to provide service that is increasingly less personal and more expensive, not to mention one that is more and more reliant on medication. Massage is a natural, safe and affordable remedy that is time tested.

Full Compass Massage is one company amongst a growing number that believe that wellness care is best managed by a group of like-minded wellness providers who service, educate and thereby arm you to take care of yourself!

Massage is proactive! It can reduce your health risks by maintaining balanced muscle tone and length, improve overall circulation and it can assist in achieving a quiet, calm and properly responsive nervous system.

Massage is reactive! Bodywork is almost completely unparalleled when it comes to dealing with injuries to soft tissue, but it is also supportive for skeletal work- chiropractic, osteopathic and post-surgical recovery.

Massage is personal! Massage is direct, customizable work between client and therapist. It is YOUR massage, and YOU are always in control of how it will proceed.

Massage is instructive! Through educating clients how their bodies can achieve a better balance, clients are equipped to use their bodies more properly and can better maintain them, living longer and happier.

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